Knee braces for pain and tenderness

As a practitioner of physiotherapy, Kamit health see people that experience pain, swelling or tenderness in their knees. People may experience pain, swelling or tenderness after an injury or surgery and may need to wear a brace to support the knee. A brace helps to stabilize the knee as it heals. It also makes it…

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is a practical TCM modality which operates through the meridian organ systems of the body to promote healing and well being, physically, mentally and spiritually. It is a way of life that incorporates breathing techniques and exercises to balance your life force (qi).

Breathing and Relaxation Workshops

Stress is a common chronic condition in today’s world. These workshops are designed to help you deal with stress in a practical way through an understanding of breath control, relaxation techniques and understanding how the brain functions.

Herbal Remedy Workshop

These are practical workshops which provides you with information and insight on how commonly used herbs can help with common health conditions such as cold, flu and indigestion.

Neo G Medical Grade Open Patella Knee Support

  Used for/ideal for treating… • Patella tracking dysfunction • Moderate to severe cruciate and collateral ligament strains • Instability • Bursitis • Meniscus injuries • Arthritic pain * Always consult a doctor Product description The Neo G Medical Grade Open Knee Support features a patella opening with stitched buttress giving reinforced support to the…

Pedal Exerciser (B)

The Pedal Exerciser Is An Easy To Use Item For Home Exercise And Enables You To Enjoy Upper And Lower Body Exercise From A Seated Position; Pedals Can Be Moved Forwards Or Backwards And The Resistance Can Be Adjusted With The Top Adjusting Knob. Use Your Feet In The Pedals To Exercise Your Legs –…

Integrating Conventional & Alternative Therapies

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