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Wrist splints

Have you ever one day notices a pin in your wrist or sudden swelling of the wrist? This can be due to several things. It may be an old injury that has been aggravated, or it may be a flare up of an arthritic condition. Sometimes the pain, swelling and stiffness can be of such that you need to rest it for a while to allow it to heal.
This is where a wrist splint becomes very useful. Wrist splints come in a variety of sizes and designs with different functionalities depending on the symptoms you are experiencing with your wrist and fingers.
For further information, please consult your GP or physiotherapist who will be able to advice you on the different options of wrist splints. Or you can contact Kamit Health based in East London for further information.

Cervical Brace

Neck injuries are common occurrences in motor vehicular and other types of accidents. Once of the most common neck injury is a whiplash injury. This occurs when someone travelling in a car is hit from behind causing the head to be flung forward and then immediately backwards. 
This causes tenderness and swelling around the upper back, neck and shoulder region as well as muscle spasm. The person has pain especially on moving the neck. There is so much discomfort that the person may need to wear a neck brace for a period time to allow the muscle to heal.  
If this is you, please consult your GP of physiotherapist for advice and treatment. For further information please contact Kamithealth based in East London.

Back support for your office chair

During the pandemic lock down most of us had to work from home and that meant setting up an office space that allowed you to work comfortably and to perform well on the job, albeit at home.
For some this was a challenge especially around seating. Some of you may have developed back ache, or low back pain because of maladjusted, poorly designed seats or insufficient back support. Using an ergonomic chair with backseat support goes a long way to pain relief and posture improvement. 
For more advice please contact your physiotherapist at kamithealth, East London and we will be happy to help you.

Ankle Braces for Sporting Injuries

Are you a runner, footballer? Do you go jogging or are involved in any sporting activity here you have injured your ankle? Or are you someone who enjoys walking and may have twisted your ankle on the pavement? Ankle injuries can occur in many situations, whether you are young or older. Ankle injuries can cause excruciating pain that stops you from walking properly. If this is you, then see your doctor or a physiotherapist for treatment. They may recommend an ankle brace which supports the muscles and ligaments of your ankle until they heal. Ankle braces come in different shapes and sizes. See Kamit Health in East  London for further advice. 

Knee braces for pain and tenderness

As a practitioner of physiotherapy, Kamit health see people that experience pain, swelling or tenderness in their knees. People may experience pain, swelling or tenderness after an injury or surgery and may need to wear a brace to support the knee.


A brace helps to stabilize the knee as it heals. It also makes it easier for the person to put some weight on their leg so they can walk around without too much discomfort. Braces come in different shapes and sizes, but it is advisable that you speak to a physiotherapist or your doctor for advice on the best brace for you. As your knee begins to improve gradually wean yourself off the brace to prevent long term knee stiffness and improve the movement in your knee. See advice from your physiotherapist..

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