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Kamit Health embraces a holistic approach to optimizing health and well-being by adopting a systems approach to health, blending both Conventional Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophies in an integrated and complementary manner. At Kamit health we consider, body, mind and spirit. The modalities of treatment include physiotherapy (physical agents), exercise therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, qi gong and herbal medicine.

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Dr. Patricia Smith, Bsc Msc PhD​

Patricia is a chartered Physiotherapist. She qualified in 1986 obtaining her physiotherapy degree at the University of the West Indies School of Physical Therapy, Jamaica. She spent 7 years of clinical practice in the National Health Services in Jamaica and 20 years in the United Kingdom. 

Patricia has treated a wide range of patients including, those with musculoskeletal problems, arthritic pain, neurological conditions (MS,MND, Parkinsons), cardiothoracic and cardiopulmonary problems. She has worked particularly with numerous stroke and MS patients which are her areas of expertise and has developed home and community based exercises tailored to the patient’s needs. 

Patricia completed a master’s degree and a doctorate in Neurology and Community Based rehabilitation at the University of East London before going into private practice 4 years ago. 

Patricia is an avid believer in holistic health which spurred her on to study Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture 8 years ago at the University of East London which she now incorporates into her clinical practice. Her love for exercise, keeping fit and qi gong allowed her take her practice to a higher level tapping into her spirituality, health and well-being….mind, body and spirit!

Jacqueline Dawes - Administrator and receptionist

Jacqueline’s excellent organisational and management skills ensures the smooth running of the clinics and health workshops

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