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Rehabilitation after stroke and covid19

Dr. Patricia Smith will be presenting at the The JDUK Health and Wellbeing Group which is a part of the Jamaican Diaspora UK.
This is a first seminar devoted to rehabilitation focusing on two conditions that disproportionately affects the Black Community strokes and C19.

Focus of the webinar

  • Highlight the role rehabilitation specialists with particular insight into the African Caribbean community
  • Identify factors which might challenge access to rehabilitation.
  • Offer guidance on accessing rehabilitation.
  • Outline self help strategies.

Rehabilitation is a team effort and today we have only 2 of the AHP professions represented here. So often mention is made of doctors and nurses and we know the important work they do. However, the quality-of-life individuals develop over a lifetime post injury and in achieving optimum health owes much to the work of rehab specialists.
Quality of life often depends on not just short-term gains but long-term support and maintenance of good health.

Offer introductions
-Dr Patricia Smith – Senior Lecturer and Chartered Physiotherapist School of Health Sport and
Bioscience, University of East London –Lecturer and Community Advocate
-Myless Mwanza – Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in Neurology at The Whittington Hospital
NHS Trust
-Marie Adams – Rehabilitation Lead Therapist Circle Health Group – Birmingham
-Lynsey Shakespeare -Specialist Occupational Therapist, London

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