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I received acupuncture from Dr Patricia Smith and after 6 weeks of treatment twice weekly, I noticed significant improvement in the quality of my sleep and my digestion. This was a huge relief for me as I had suffered from insomnia and constipation on and off for many years. I feel calmer and more centred. The service was relaxing and I felt like I was in good hands. I plan on using this service again to maintain the progress that I have made.
Magenda SW London
My personal treatment aimed to enhance my ankle mobility with a variety of holistic treatment and home exercises. The pains in my ankle are minimal now. It was a totally relaxing experience to converse and receive expert treatment in a professional, nurturing environment. Give Kamit Health a call and enjoy your holistic experience.
Karen SW London
Following injury to my left arm which left me barely able to move it, Dr Smith recommended a course of therapies and exercises . I was amazed at the immediate improvement in the mobility of my arm and reduction in pain. My arm is now completely healed and I am enjoying normal use of it again.
Kimatua - SW London
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